A Message from Brent

Brent ReynoldsMad Bomber is a company that takes pride in its over 40 years of experience in working with and supporting diverse cultures and people. The company has a “family first” policy that allows employees who are/were the main caregivers for their children to take time off, leave work early or come late, in order to care for sick kids or even kids in trouble at school.

One of the valued employees of Mad Bomber had tried many times to get pregnant and finally succeeded, but unfortunately lost the baby. She got pregnant again and started having trouble right away. The doctor told her that the only hope she had was to go home and lay in bed for 8 months. She came to work crying, but Mad Bomber’s management team was quick to respond. They sent her home that day and arranged for a specialty computer setup the next day, so that she could work from home while resting. Mad Bomber’s support helped her through the difficult time, and eight months later, a beautiful boy was born.

Mad Bomber also has policies to credit employees extra time or pay if they ride-share, bike or walk to work. The company built a factory in northern China that met Western electrical standards in the 1980s. The factory had a sound-insulated room for the sewers’ lunch, regular fire drills, and clean tiled bathrooms.

In addition, Mad Bomber uses recycled or organic materials in its products where possible. The company sources from farm families and local shops/factories while insisting workers are paid well and treated properly.