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Mad Bomber loves to support good causes, mostly human and environmental of course, but even the fashionistas out there deserve a breakl!

For sponsorship, support or donation inquiries if your event or cause is:
EARTH FRIENDLY. We love the outdoors. That’s why Mad Bomber supports local farmers and environmentally friendly practices whenever we can, counting on materials like pesticide-free hemp, organic cloth and cottons, and vegetable- or soy-based dyes and use recycled fabrics and products, too.
WORLD PARTNERS. Our company is multi-national, with partners across the United States, Europe and China. We’re proud to promote cooperation and cultural diversity wherever we go. Take a look at our factories in China, where thousands of self-employed Chinese promote the spirit of understanding and entrepreneurial self-reliance. It’s what we see throughout our diverse international distribution network—from Russia to Europe, from Asia to South America and North America.
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